Counting the Omer

Chag Pesach sameach!

At last night’s seder we began to count the Omer. Counting the Omer begins a 49-day journey of transformation from the 2nd night of Passover to Shavuot. From slavery and servitude in Egypt to a full-hearted embracement of the Torah, her ideas and practices, at Mt. Sinai.

These 49 days are a time of transformation. Each day as we count “Today is the first day, the second, the third,” we take small steps toward bigger change in our personal lives.

There are many tools to guide one on the journey. This year I am using Lev Tov: Cultivating a Good Heart during the Omer. It has deep ideas accompanied by beautiful chanting. I can feel that I will be carried to a different place by this path.

I don’t know why this year will be different. Perhaps that I have finally graduated and am settled with my community? Maybe there is more space in my brain and my heart now? Or maybe, finally, I know who I am. There is strength in feeling more whole. From a place of groundedness, I am open to ideas that before, I would have been closed off. I am ready to explore something new.

May your journey be a meaningful one. See you at Sinai!

Rabbi Jamie

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